Listener’s Guide (Desktop User)

All Radio will start automatically within 20 or 30 sec. If radio doesn’t start itself, please refresh the page. All Radio should work well in IE. / Firefox / Chrome / Opera.
Here is a radio and audio streaming software given for your free installation. To listen online radio Please install Plugin.

If you can’t listen please install Adobe Flash Player from here. Just Click to install

Please Download Adobe Flash Player for you Windows or Mac OS PC


Listener’s Guide (Smartphone User)

#All Radio will not start automatically. Click to Play Button to listen radio. If radio doesn’t start, please refresh the page.
# Browse our site in Internet web browser, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Others Browser in your mobile.
# Please Download Puffin Web Browser for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.
If the Radio is stopped every 5 seconds, Please try to listen this Radio at different time. All Radio Stations are not function for 24 hours every day. If you can’t listen any Radio, try to listen at different time as the Radio Station may stop during midnight according to its own country time zone.


Not: Any type of problem you have please Contact with us.